Sterling Heights, Michigan Foundation Contractor

Professionally licensed foundation repair experts in eastern Michigan

Foundation repair in Sterling Heights, MI

Only miles from the northern border of Detroit, the city of Sterling Heights is in the heart of our service area in eastern Michigan. We deliver affordable residential and commercial foundation repair work to the safe city of over 100,000.

Our contractors and construction experts are experienced, skilled and fully licensed, and insured. Our team provides modern basement and crawl space restoration solutions that carry long-term warranties.

Our favorite time to work on projects is in late July during Sterling Fest. Nothing beats taking part in fun summer entertainment in a terrific community.

In addition to Sterling Heights, we work throughout Macomb County, including Shelby Township, Rochester Hills, Troy, Utica, Warren, Madison Heights, Macomb Township, Clinton Township, and Fraser.

A great thing about our established company is that we offer free on-site consultations and accurate estimates with no obligation or pressure. Simply call us today to schedule your foundation evaluation.

Basement services in Macomb County

We are a full-service masonry and concrete company in the foundation repair industry. With more than two decades of experience assisting folks in the metro Detroit region, we have a proven track of success in our little corner of the world. 

We deliver stabilization, restoration, and waterproofing fixes to faulty foundations, chimneys and other masonry. Cracking, heaving, settling and leaning in basement walls and floors are generally caused by weak soil, soil that expands and contracts from freezing and thawing, improper yard drainage that breaks down soil, protruding tree roots, or poor land grading.

We’re always up to the challenge of helping you with the following issues (and many others):

If it is determined during an assessment that repairs are needed, we five you a thorough report outlining interior and exterior problem areas. In the report, we also provide trusted solutions and other important information to help you make a strong decision based on your budget and needs.

Signs of a failing foundation or crawl space

It’s always good to be proactive when it comes to your foundation as it supports your entire home or commercial structure. If left unattended, results can be devastating and repair work very costly. Unfortunately, it can be difficult task to determine issues foundation issues exist that require professional repair.

Our team strongly advises you to regularly examine your basement walls and floors for cracking, leaning, heaving, chipping, moisture, and leaks. Also, pay attention to the following signs of a weakened foundation:

  • Windows out of square
  • Doors that jam and are difficult to open
  • Bouncy or uneven flooring
  • Gaps at the tops or bottoms of walls
  • Popped out nails
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Displaced moldings
  • Chimney tipping
  • Gaps around chimney
  • Plumbing leaks

If you witness any of the above symptoms, get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and to get a no-cost evaluation and price quote.