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Foundation Crack Repair In Detroit, MI

cracked foundationIn the Detroit area and eastern Michigan cracks in foundations and basements can be common.

In most cases small hairline cracks are not cause for concern. They are most often caused by the natural process of concrete curing.

Significant cracks are usually a result of foundation settlement and/or expansive soils contracting and expanding against the wall. These cracks are generally larger and run horizontally or vertically and diagonal (stair step cracking).

Major cracks must be repaired by a qualified foundation contactor to prevent further structure issues and to stabilize the basement.

Our team at Foundation Repair Detroit delivers lasting, warrantied solutions that fully correct what has caused the cracking and protect your foundation from future damage. Our estimates are free and accurate, and our rates are fair and affordable.

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Repairs for basements wall and floors

The type of repair needed for a cracking basement foundation depends on the type of cracks, the cause of the cracks and other structural factors.

We fully examine the foundation issues to provide the best solution that fits your budget, needs, and will deliver the longest-term solution to the problem. Only in very rare cases will a foundation wall have to be totally replaced.

Our cracked basement and floor repair solutions include:

  • Foundation piers for settling. This is when the soil under your home is not strong enough to fully support the structure.
  • Wall anchoring. Stabilizing the foundation will guard it against soils that expand due to freezing and thawing and protruding tree roots.
  • Fixes for minor cracks include: hydraulic cement, caulk, mortar, epoxy injections, filling cracks from the outside via excavation, and polyurethane polymer sealing

Why fixing foundation and crawl space cracks is necessary

It is critical that major foundation wall and floor cracks and addressed quickly. The results of not having cracks fixed can be devastating and costly.

A failing foundation can be dangerous to the occupants, as well as to other parts of the home or structure. Cracks often allow water to leak into the basement and cause excessive water damage via flooding

Having a foundation specialist fix cracking promptly will maintain the structural integrity of your home, prevent more issues, and often save you money in the long run.

While small cracks are not often a cause for concern. We suggest monitoring them monthly to ensure they are not symptoms of a larger structural problem.

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