Settling & Sinking

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Sinking foundation repair in Detroit, Michigan

Houses and other structures gradually and naturally sink over time due to climate and soil condition. Likewise, concrete foundations acquire small, non-threatening cracks over a period of years.

A working foundation is generally supported by strong soil underneath. When that soil cannot properly hold up the foundation slab and walls, any number of unnatural problems can arise.

Large basement wall cracks and slanting or sagging floors are obvious signs of a settling foundation. However, foundation issues don’t occur quickly in most cases, and a homeowner can go months – and even years – without noticing emerging problems.

Since your home is likely your greatest investment, it’s important that the foundation that supports it is in good condition. Addressing basement and crawl space issues in a timely manner can increase the longevity of any structure and increase the value of your home.

We Detroit, MI foundation contractors deliver a wide range of permanent basement, crawl space, and slab repair solutions that specifically addresses the cause of the problem and provides permanent stabilization.

To offer you peace of mind, we provide free inspections and estimates. Our assessments are thorough and honest and come with zero obligation.

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Signs of basement settling and shifting

It’s not a common exercise for homeowners to routinely examine their foundation walls and floors for bowing, cracking, bulging, leaks, settling, sinking, and other troubles.

However, it’s not a bad idea from time to time to pay attention to the following signs that might signal that your basement structure is not working as it should:

  • Growing cracks
  • Stair step cracks or jagged 45-degree angle cracking
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Cracks above windows
  • Cracks in floor and drywall
  • Horizontal cracks (sign of soil pressure)

Most sinking and settling foundations are caused by the movement of soil. Hot and dry conditions cause soil to shrink. Wet conditions cause it to expand.

In areas where soil is known to be unstable, we recommend that you check for the above symptoms at least on a monthly basis.

Believe it or not, the most obvious signs of foundation troubles occur at or near the top of the house with cracking and jammed doors and windows.

While these signs don’t necessary mean that your foundation needs repair, it’s a good staring point to seek the assistance of a professional repair contractor for an inspection and assessment. Acting quickly can prevent further damage and make the fix less costly.

Foundation repair solutions for sagging and uneven floors and slabs

If after thorough examination it’s been determined that your foundation has unnaturally sunk, shifted or settled, repair is needed to stabilize the structure and address poor soil so that it doesn’t happen again.

Because many different factors can lead to foundation and basement failure, we get to the root of the issue during our inspection and map out a detailed plan that addresses the issue specifically. Depending on the cause, we offer the following permanent foundation leveling solutions:

  • Steel push piers that extend to stronger soil well below the surface
  • Helical piers
  • Plate anchors
  • Hydraulic slab lift pier
  • High pressure grout injection
  • Foundation brackets

We use modern equipment and methods that offer long-term warrantied repair results for sinking foundations. Only in rare cases will a foundation have to undergo a costly replacement or rebuild.

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